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Basilica di Santa Maria Novella

Within walking distance of the Il Giardino Trattoria, Florence offers one of its most beautiful buildings, the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, which is also one of the most important churches in the city.

The point of reference for the Order of the Dominicans, its construction started at the initiative of the latter, towards the end of 1200 and then progressed in the following centuries, with works of famous artists such as Leon Battista Alberti and Giorgio Vasari among others.

One of the main features of the building is the precious facade covered with white and green marbles, with the classical portal inspired by the Pantheon. The interior is furnished with elements of Gothic architecture. The T - shape is divided into three broad aisles, decorated by the greatest artists of the fourteenth century, Giotto, Masaccio, Brunelleschi, Ghirlandaio, Lippi.

It is certainly one of the places to visit in Florence for both its religious importance and its value as an artistic treasure of great value.

Tuscany Cuisine

Tuscan cuisine, among the best in Italy, finds the highest expression in the traditional Trattoria Il Giardino.

Here the genuine and simple Tuscan flavors are exalted by even diving in the past with the display of ancient kitchen utensils.

The Tuscan cuisine reflects the history of the customs of the working classes of the past, which, by exploiting the products of the earth, made poor and frugal recipes rich in taste, which remained the hub of the culinary tradition of the region.

Just think of the methodical caution in making the bread not to be thrown, but also used to sting, as is typical for some typical dishes (ribollita, fettunta, panata). Among other things, Tuscan bread without salt represents one of the locality typical of the area.

In addition to the "poor" foods, Tuscan cuisine is the best in the second, especially meat and game, or in the production of delicious salami.

Tuscan cuisine has gained a prominent place in the world's culinary traditions thanks to the simplicity of its ingredients and above all to the genuineness of the same, which although frugal give it an unmistakable and delicious flavor.


Ribollita is one of the best-known dishes of Tuscan tradition and certainly one of the most representative of regional cuisine.

Its name comes from the habit of using previously cooked vegetables, and flatten them together with stale bread. Ribollita is a poor soup, which is made in various versions throughout Tuscany, but which, in order to define it, must contain beans and two types of cabbage: black cabbage and black cabbage.

We present the recipe of the ribollita in Florence, which we also make here at the Il Giardino Trattoria. The necessary ingredients are sprouts, black kale, bread (possibly stale), oil, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, pepper, beans, leeks and beets. The preparation consists in cooking all the vegetables first separately and then combining them in an amalgam with a certain creaminess. The ribolite is then assembled with layers of stale bread. It's good to prepare it in advance to enjoy it the next day.

For more details on the preparation you can see the following address or choose to taste it directly in our trattoria, where you can enjoy and enjoy all the Tuscan tradition.

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Excellent Tuscan country food- Had the huge T bone steak between 2. Beautifully seared and tender and rare. With rosemary roasted potatoes. Good house wine. The steak was one Kg for 2 with pleasant wine each, at 35 Euros for 2! Excellent value, country family atmosphere with friendly family service. Highly recommended.

Stephen S

First night- Great restaurant. Close to our hotel and the train station. Good food. Good service. Super friendly staff!

Nancy E

Very good- We was walking with my wife from Hotel to the Centre and we looked pictures with "Bistecca per 2 con 2 bicchieri di vino". We ordered it and this was really good. Nice decoration and service. Reustarant since 1939. I recommend.

Ryszard S

Delicious food- We had dinner at this restaurant tonight, it wa was delicious. The staff were very friendly and it was reasonably priced. This was the nicest meal we had in Florence.

justin l

Great meal in the rain- We came here after Sudden rain forced us to seat down and were pleasantly surprised! The food was great - we had prosciutto with mozzarella, a HUGE 2 person steak and creme Catalan for dessert. Service was good and so was the price.

Itamar G

Great food and wonderful staff- My friend & I were walking about trying to find a place to eat at 9:30 pm on a Friday evening and everything was closed or closing. We poked are head in and they welcomed us in although it was close to closing and there were no other people in the restaurant...


Best Steak of My Life!!!!!- Our hostel recommended this restaurant and when we first arrived there was no one inside so we were skeptical at first but after our meal we were surprised it wasn't packed...

Allison M

The restaurant in Florence- The best restaurant we found in this city. Florentine, salami, wine, bruscetta was everything amazing. Cheap and friendly service!

Sarah V

Trattoria Il Giardino-This trattoria was recommended to us by our hotel staff as an authentic Tuscany cuisine place. It's a small family run restaurant. The food was excellent. They serve pretty good bottled house wine...

Ron S

Amazing food and service!!- Extraordinary beef and tiramisu we had in this place, run by a wonderful couple and for a really good price! They were really friendly and invited us for two Grappas...

Carlos C